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Hey Baby Que Paso
A ditty about what happens to  the love life of a woman too long on the road with The Mejanos...

Sonora Querida
Traditionally arranged by The Mejanos, a stirring rendition of a

Mexican classic...

Gosper Loman (GLM) tracks the professionals that search every day for new songs and music, who organize multimedia projects on television, film, cable, video,  and cyberspace.

GLM targets music supervisors, talent managers, ad agencies, networks, and commercial TV, radio and web media professionals, involved with music licensing, acquisition, film and video synchronization, mechanical licenses, title research, registration and copyright.

ReadyClips and SongClips, by GLM, in a variety of genres and lengths, are just a few clicks away for your audition. Origination of new material and soundtracks is available.

Get published here. Songwriters may utilize recording services and clerical administration of revenue streams as you navigate into the business channel of the music industry.

So you’ve written a song or an instrumental.  Are your notes just lying there in a pile, or in a desk drawer, forgotten? Can’t get a handle on terms like copyright, royalties, licensing?

Don't kill the little darlings. Get them published!



  • Songwriter Publishing
  • Copyright Registration
  • Copyright Title Search
  • ​Clearance Research
  • Demo Production
  • Voice-Over Talent
  • Song Diagnostics
  • Split-Publishing
  • ​Song Plugger

Music is universal...

      Songs are the language

Ay Te Dejo En San Diego
The Mejanos put a rock beat on a classic  Norteno polka, popularized by accordionist Flaco Jimeniz...

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